Stress-free WordPress Websites for Small Businesses

Make interacting with your company effortless.

From Stress & Confusion to Ease & Cohesion

A good website should act as the perfect wing-person: playing up your strengths and gently guiding prospective clients to working with you. A simple process gets you there.

Current Site Audit.

What is and is not working? What critical pieces are missing? Is your messaging clear? Are your design and functionality user-friendly?

New Website.

Starting with the homepage, I design your new site to make sure it showcases your expertise, your navigation makes finding information easy, and your calls to action are clear.

Maintenance Tools.

My customer-focused off-boarding training leaves you with all the tools to keep your site up to date with none of the stress.

Your website should easily take visitors from point ‘A’ to point ‘working with you’. Websites are a source of stress for many small businesses. At Serene Studio, my goal is to design your website in a way that eliminates internal and external obstacles.

Optimize for User Experience (UX)

Clear Calls-To-Action

Focus on guiding your visitors toward meaningful interactions and conversions.

Clean Design

An aesthetically pleasing and clutter-free experience.

Quick Loading Pages

Elevate your website's performance with quick-loading pages, ensuring your visitors enjoy a seamless and speedy online experience.

Easy Navigation

Ensuring visitors can effortlessly find what they need for a seamless online journey.

Optimize for Internal & External Experience


Easy back-end navigation, blog posting and editing for any business


Simplified systems for easier & quicker solutions for you and your clients


Software integrations such as booking, email marketing and more


Training & tutorials to help you feel confident maintaining your site

Stress-Free Web Design

Hi, I am Tamara [Tah-mair-rah] or Tammy for short. I am the owner of Serene Studio and have years of experience in web development, marketing and photography.

I believe in building clean, easy to navigate and engaging websites for all users. I love problem solving and finding solutions that help save time and headaches for small businesses. If thats you, I’d love to chat more and be a part of your businesses solution.

- Tamara Salchert

A General Guide
to Pricing

All businesses have budgets and nobody wants to waste time on a call until they can find out the cost. To be sure my cost aligns with your budget, I’d encourage you to click the ‘pricing guide’ button to get a general idea of different levels of service I offer. This will give you a rough idea of what to expect when you receive your final proposal, and help you know right from the start if we’re a good fit.

Hope to see you in my inbox soon!

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