Hi there. I’m so glad you’re here.

 If I could wish one thing for every interaction with me it’s this: that you feel like you’re sitting down for coffee with a good friend who excels at listening first. Business and website frustrations are valid and can leave people feeling overwhelmed and alone with how to approach the challenges you face in an ever growing, techy world.

When you work with me. Think less transactional, and more collaborative. We’ll link arms and brainstorm together. However, I’ll will do all the heavy lifting when it comes to designing and implementing your new solutions for your website.

A creative with a passion for functionality

When it comes to my creative process, I believe function is as important as design. Maybe it’s a keen desire to know how everything works. I was that kid (and adult) that took apart an xbox, computer, or camera lens to try to fix it because I always believe there is a solution just around the corner.

I bring this same curiosity when building websites. I love to take apart a website, diagnose what the problem is, and rebuild with solutions in mind.

Outdoor Calm for Indoor Work

When I’m not at the computer, you can find me deep in the woods with our dog, Shire, taking in the fresh air. I try to bring the calming, peaceful aspects of nature into my work through easy-going customer interactions and stress-free websites.

Family Business

I didn’t come to run my own web design business by sheer chance. I’m one of several family members running a small business, so you could say it’s in the genes. My love of helping others took me into a caregiving role that was physically demanding. After almost 10 years in the healthcare field/education, I needed a change of pace.

I attended Lakeshore Technical College where I completed their Graphic and Web Design program with Honors in December 2019. For almost 5 years I worked as an in-house web designer for marketing agency before taking the leap.

I am incredibly grateful for those who have supported this endeavor so far. Going my own way has opened up the creative process, allowing me to set my own schedule so that I’m doing the creative work at the times of day I feel most inspired (and awake). Plus, it helps protect me from creative ruts and allows me to design website at pretty fast speed - great for companies tight on time. Even more so, it allows for my schedule to be more flexible when things come up such as family or ministry.


A few tidbits about me. I am easy going. Love a good sense of humor. And have a huge love of learning new things. I have a lot of hobbies which can make it hard for my poor husband who has dealt with it graciously.

Speaking of, I have been together with my wonderful husband Josh, for almost 15 years [5 years dating & almost 10 years married]. We run a young adults ministry that is focused on biblical community, connection and growth. Our day in and day out looks very much like others' days. We enjoy reading and listening to good books, sipping on some tea and on special days - eating sushi.

My partners in crime


Spouse extraordinaire of 15 years and my biggest cheerleader, advisor and witt.


A dapper fellow with a slice of sass. He's always got to be on your lap or in your sweater.


A true ginger cat. If you own one, you know. Sweet and chaotic at the same time.


Pyrenees & German Shepard mix. Goofy and loveable and the only reason I stay in shape.

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